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How Netflix Gets Its Movie Suggestions So Right
 I was kind of in awe of that movie, the way it effortlessly juggles so many different characters and tones and ideas. Thats what I aspire to. What strikes me about the trailer is Kim Kardashian dad how much chemistry there seems to be between Joaquins character and Scarletts. Thats pretty hard when one of them is invisible, no? I was so drawn to Joaquin to play Theodore because hes so compelling to watch. Hes got to represent both of them on screen, and I thought if anybody could pull that off, it would be him. Hes not only representing what his character is feeling, but also his reaction to her, which helps embody her. <br>Source:

[ See photos from Sci-Fi Film "Europa Report" ] By using a "found footage" format laced with documentary-style interviews, director Sebastian Cordero and the production team are able to reveal the truth about the fate of the mission on their own timeline, in a somewhat horror-movielike fashion. The movie centers on the fictional private spaceflight company Europa Ventures and its Europa 1 mission. About nine months into the flight, which the screenplay calls the first manned mission outside of low-Earth orbit since the 1970s, the ship loses communications with Earth. Despite this setback, the international team of six astronauts continues on with their mission to search for evidence of life in the solar system and chaos (plus some science) ensues. The filmmakers make an effort to stay firmly within the rules of the world they have created. It just so happens that many of those rules overlap with the reality of what scientists understand about Europa and spaceflight today. <br>Source:

But while Lovelace falters a bit, it remains a memorable, unflinching indictment. Dale Robinette Amanda Seyfried with Adam Brody, who plays Harry Reems, in Lovelace Linda Lovelace (Amanda Seyfried) is first glimpsed in the (recreated) opening scene from Throat, as it came to be known. In a flashback, 21-year-old Linda her real last name is Boreman is living in Florida with her strict mother (unrecognizable Sharon Stone) and former New York cop dad (Robert Patrick). Theyd moved from Yonkers because Linda had gotten pregnant. While at a roller rink, Linda catches the eye of Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard), a sleazy jiggle-joint owner who charms the girlish Linda. Soon theyre married, though when Chuck needs cash, he brings Linda to the attention of a pair of New York pornographers (catnip roles for Bobby Cannavale and Hank Azaria). They get an idea theyre sure will be the first blue movie of its kind. Dale Robinette Amanda Seyfried as the title porn star in Lovelace That it was, in an ascent which Lovelace captures through several flashy angles. <br>Source:

There are several excellent extensions that you can add Kim Kardashian sekstape free to your favorite browser to augment your Netflix experience and increase your chances of sniffing out a great new film. An extension like "Rotten Netflix," for example, inserts little Rotten Tomatoes scores beneath every movie poster on the website, so that you can instantly know how a movie fared with critics. Similarly, the "IMFlixDB" extension displays a movie's IMDB ranking on a white bar above the Netflix homepage and gives you quick access to that film's information page. The ever-prodigious members at Reddit use the wisdom of crowds, meanwhile, to constantly vote up streaming movies that you might otherwise miss. It's a super-active community with consistently high-quality recommendations: Check it out here. <br>Source:

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