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Movie Review: Lee Daniels' The Butler

Fans of his should flock to see him. David Oyelowo, as Louis Gaines, has a fire inside the audience can connect with and understand. It is easy from our historical perspective to side with how he works toward change, but in this movie we see his struggle and how the love he has for his family makes his choices he feels are so necessary so difficult for him. Oprah Winfrey as the family matriarch offers a steady female voice, but we see her own personal struggle, apart from all that is happening outside her own household, to maintain connection and communication with those she loves. She is never any less than fully present in the role, and the audience understands and feels for her even in her worst choices and mistakes. There are many other actors dropping in and out of the film, it would take forever to go through them all. <br>Read more:

Kim Kardashian movie Steve Jobs movie slammed by critics — and Woz

Yet, Monsters University is nowhere near the same calibre of film as its predecessor. The first movie was a triumph of the imagination as it redefined the role of the creature in the closet. This second film is a disappointing exercise in clichA that fails to question, or reimagine, any single piece of the world around us. In many cases, it simply reaffirms offensive stereotypes a mostly about gender a as it focuses on the buddy plot line between Mike and his soon-to-be best friend, Sully (John Goodman). After much Kim Kardashian sisters hard work in high school, Mike actually makes it into MU where he enrols in the scare program. <br>Read more:

Movie poster artist Drew Struzan gets the doc treatment

A scene from the film "Abandoned Mine." (Gravitas Ventures / March 6, 2009) Also By Robert Abele August 15, 2013, 2:35 p.m. "Abandoned Kim Kardashian and Ray Jay Mine" is all that its title promises: something generic and empty, with the sense that much has been left behind. As adolescents in movies like these are wont to do on Halloween , five of them from a small farming community venture into a supposedly haunted, long-disused mountain vein for kicks and giggles. What ensues are endlessly banal exchanges, lots of flashlights shone on rock walls, walking, getting scared, and joking around, all of which leaves you to wonder if anything is ever going to happen to warrant your precious moviegoing time. (It's hard to shake the notion that naming the young performers cursed with acting this out two of whom are female and three male would somehow add insult to the injury of having been in "Abandoned Mine.") <br>Read more:,0,4097190.story

Movie review: 'Abandoned Mine' is an empty attempt at horror

Youre sitting at a lunch counter with black students while white patrons shower them with racial epithets and food. In a stirring and educational scene, youre with the Freedom Riders when they rehearse the various scenarios of aggression and violence they may encounter while practicing non-violent civil disobedience. Daniels gets excellent performances from all of his actors, including the relatively inexperienced Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey. Cuba Gooding Jr. lets not forget, also an Oscar-winner for 1996s Jerry Maguire is perfect as Cecils fellow butler and voice of reason, Carter. <br>Read more:

‘Austenland,’ movie review

Starring Ashton Kutcher in the title role, the film is essentially an unauthorized take on the infamous tech visionary. Another movie, based on Walter Isaacsonspopular biography Steve Jobs which included the cooperation of Jobs, his family and the company is in development with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin attached to write, but no projected release date for that film has yet been given. Judging by the reviews for Jobs, there still may content be plenty of room for another film treatment. As of Friday morning, Jobs is carrying a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 26% meaning about three quarters of the reviewers tabulated have given the Kim Kardashian and Ray Jay flick a Thumbs Down. The RT rating among so-called top critics was even lower at 20%. The movie also didnt fare well with the affable Steve Wozniak, who was portrayed in the film by Josh Gad of The Book of Mormon fame. <br>Read more:

Movie Review: Forest Whitaker a Witness to History in ‘The Butler’

Nobley (JJ Feild) or fey Col. Andrews (James Callis). Arriving dramatically midvisit is Capt. East (Ricky Whittle), a soft-porn actor with the hots for another guest (Georgia King), and theres a stableboy/chauffeur (Bret McKenzie) who views this all with a jaded eye. Theyre all actors, so Janes romance with any of them will be fictional until, of course, it isnt. There could have been a wonky, feminist-style Truman Show savviness laid beneath the story or even a creepy Fantasy Island angle, which would have been compelling. <br>Read more:

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