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The Hollywood Reporter’s best stories of the week

Hollywood and Silicon Valley take piracy battle to Patent Office YASIEL PUIG, KEVIN DURANT, LINDSEY VONN: THE NEW RATINGS GODS OF SPORTS The Hollywood Reporters photo portfolio also includes Yankees slugger Robinson Cano and Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III; as ratings and the price of rights soar, athletes are TVs new stars. FEMALE SPORTS REPORTERS ERIN ANDREWS AND HANNAH STORM ON RAMPANT SEXISM AND FASHION FAUX PAS Its never been easy on the sidelines, but, as the veterans and newcomers with whom THR spoke testify, its always been worth it. WHY FOX SPORTS PAID $1 BILLION FOR GOLF The upstart ESPN challenger has big plans to jazz up the U.S. Open, with more cameras and technical innovation, the networks co-president Eric Shanks tells THR, with an eye toward things that maybe havent been done before. SUPER AGENT ARN TELLEM: HOW I kim kardashian sekstape free HELPED JASON COLLINS COME OUT (Q&A) The legendary sports rep sounds off on the Lakers woes, what happens when a client is caught using performance-enhancing drugs and what he learned from wife Nancy about talent. L.A. LAKERS DRAMA: OWNERS JEANIE AND JIM BUSS ON POWER-SHARING, PHIL JACKSON AND FILLING DADS SHOES In their first profile since Jerry Buss died in February, his son and daughter reveal their complicated relationship and the plan to reboot their storied team. Says Kobe, The shoes theyre stepping into are so huge and epic. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. <br>Source:

A Disney Weekend in Hollywood with Scarlett Stahl

That ride was so much of the inspiration, along with watching movies on TV was the inspiration to becoming a voice person. And I used to bring my tape recorder into the ride and record all the pirates. And I loved the song and you wrote the lyrics to Yo Ho. X: Yes, I got through doing the script and suggested to Walt that we have a song in there. I had a melody and lyric in mind. <br>Source:

Hollywood Architecture Brings California Harmony to Middle East Retail

We try to make the project spill outhaving restaurants that spill outside, or terraces. With retail developments, Ellis says he is seeing that tenants are gaining more and more power and should be involved as early on as possible. It used to be that developers had the most power, but now retailers have, I think, more global power, because theyre large-scale, theyre international, they have very strong requirements about what type of projects they kim kardashian site go into, and they have a lot of control over the retail environment. We know were a part of the picture, but we know were not the only important part of the picture, and in the world of retail the tenants are very, very important to the outcome of the project, Ellis said. [You need] to have the right tenants and the mall management to ensure the mall functions properly, and having the right tenant mix is really, really important to the work we do. Oftentimes, when 5+design is involved in the early stages of the project, they will bring in consultants or merchandising strategists to plan the retail layout of the environment. I know a lot of these retailers and they know a lot of these retailers, Ellis said. We can also suggest ways to have the retailers contact the clients to see if that might work for that environment. Weve definitely been involved in opening the discussion because there are a lot of retailers who are interested in expanding internationally, Ellis said. The greater the relationship with the retailers, the better, because their goals have really grown and expandedthats really a trend. Retail is something that really does involve not just architecture but all these other elements, Ellis said. <br>Source:

(Photo: More) SHARE 184 CONNECT 24 TWEET 9 COMMENTEMAILMORE Angie Harmon, 41, star of TV's Rizzoli & Isles, isn't afraid to declare her political affiliation. "I'm a liberal Republican," she says in More magazine's September issue, out Tuesday. "We actually exist." Of being a political activist in Hollywood, the star says: "Call it naivete or stupidity, but I didn't know that unless you are a Democrat, you aren't allowed to talk politics in Hollywood." Some other tidbits from the chat: On therapy: "I believe in therapy. I don't believe in staying in it for life. When you have an issue, you go talk to someone, get your issue taken care of, then you go live your life, and you're armed with the tools to do it correctly." On her former modeling career: "I loved every moment of itI'm in Azzedine Alaia's factory and doing fittings [talking to] Giorgio Armanihe was so interesting. I do wonder kim kardashian ray j tape now if Karl [Lagerfeld] or Giorgio would remember me, because they've seen so many faces since mine." On homosexuality: "Whether we're gay or straight, it doesn't matter. <br>Source:

Angie Harmon: A 'liberal Republican' in Hollywood

On the other hand, the Internet Association, which is made up of companies like Google, AOL, eBay, Yahoo, and Facebook, are arguing that there are other ways to fight piracy aside from policing it on their sites. "The Internet Association recommends the [Patent Office] set aside its inquiry of industryas voluntary initiatives to reduce online infringement for a broader review that looks beyond data and metrics of enforcement mechanisms,a the association said in a statement. The association believes that Hollywood should take a look at how easily available pirated content is to the consumer. Case in point would be something like the third season of "Game of Thrones," which is only available to HBO Go subscribers. Due to its lack of availability, it's one of the most-pirated TV shows ever. "Taking a holistic approach will reveal that todayas copyright landscape involves important industry practices, marketplace realities, and consumer behavioral dynamics that all play a role in both the source of and potential solutions to online infringement,a noted the association. <br>Source:

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